Test Drive Gym Ownership at Ageless Over A Weekend

Opening your own business is a HUGE decision. It's a serious investment of your time and money. You and I both know that the more uncertainty you have, the less likely you are to take the first step toward your dream of opening a gym.  


  • How big of a gym do I need?
  • How many treadmills will I need? What brand?
  • What software should I use?
  • What classes should I offer? When should I offer them?
  • How many employees will I need?
  • What type of insurance will I need?
  • How many members will I need? What should my membership rates be? 

Sound familiar? You probably have a hundred more

Wouldn't it be nice if you could test out ownership before making such a big investment? How comforting would it feel if you didn't just have someone tell you the answers, but actually show you the answers? Wouldn't that calm your anxiety and give you the confidence you need to make the right decision?

Now you can.


You can literally "test drive" gym ownership at Ageless over a weekend. That's right. You're the boss. It's your gym. You'll run the daily operations, teach classes (if you want), analyze the financials, look at our marketing plans, chat with our members, and sit down with all of us and really dive into what gym ownership really is. You'll see firsthand the good, bad, and at times, ugly. You'll also get to visit our boutique studio gym, and compare it to Ageless.

And best of all, you'll stay in our completely furnished apartment that's directly attached to our gym. You'll get 24 hour access to everything that goes on at Ageless. 

After 4 Days at Ageless you'll:

Remove all doubt on whether gym ownership is right for you. You'll walk away knowing if you should pursue ownership or find a new dream. 

Know exactly what goes on during the day-to-day operations of a gym, and in turn, know exactly what your monthly expenses will be. You, as well as your bank, will be confident in your monthly profit projections. 

See exactly what you'll need to run and operate a successful gym. You'll see the exact number of treadmills you'll need, how many selectorized pieces of equipment you'll need, and how many employees you'll need. You'll see everything. You'll have notes, pictures, and even videos to take home with you.  

Hear feedback from actual paying members so you can hear firsthand how a gym affects the community it serves. 

Have evaluated the difference between starting and operating a high-end studio gym and a 24 hour HomeTown Gym like Ageless. You'll know exactly what model will work best in your market. 

Know, most importantly, if reality lives up to your dreams. You'll see firsthand if owning a gym is really everything you thought it would be. 

So you'll get... 

  • 4 days of behind the scenes access to the gym that inspired us to pursue helping others start their own gym. This is a gym that has not had one single unprofitable month in 9 years despite being located in a small, rural town in Illinois of just 3,500 people. 
  • Get all of your questions answered, and get firsthand experience running your own gym. You'll work the front desk, talk to the members, have meetings with the owners, run the classes, look at the financials, check out our marketing, and more. 
  • Access to our boutique personal training-only gym so that you can see the exact differences between the two models. 
  • Access to our spin-only gym so that you can compare another gym model to find the one you like best. 
  • Our 150+ page "Building an Ageless" bible  that we've created to help guide us in our pursuit of our vision. It's built on the EMyth's pillars and contains everything from our management style to our marketing. The only people that have ever seen it are the owners. 
  • 6 books we think every gym owner should read. The books include everything from marketing to behavioral psychology to reading a P&L. They are must-reads for every entrepreneur. 
  • Lodging for 4 days/3 Nights in our fully furnished apartment attached to the gym. That means you'll have 24 hour access to the gym. 

You get it ALL for only $2,397.

And if you would decide to pursue a partnership with us and open up a gym, that $2,397 can be used towards your initial set-up fee. If you decide to wait or not pursue gym ownership, that's fine too. 

Best of all, if you don't feel like all of your questions were answered, we'll give you $1,000 back before you leave on your last day. No questions asked. No hard feelings. 



Or, contact us at BeTheChange@ageless-fitness.com to reserve your spot for 2018. We're only opening up 20 spots for the entire year.  

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