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The Hybrid Gym 300: By the Numbers

The Hybrid Gym 300: By the Numbers

If you've read the article on the sm...

Should I Open a Studio Gym or Franchise Gym?

Should I Open a Studio Gym or Franchise Gym?

In short, it depends. 

The Studio Gym

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The Gym Market That No One Is Targeting

The Gym Market That No One Is Targeting

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You're interested in opening a gym. I get it. I hear it all of the time. In fact, it's usually the first thing someone says to me when they hear I own 3 gyms. 

Typically the conversation goes like this. 

John Doe: "So, I hear you own three gyms. I've always wanted to open my own gym."

Me: "Yes, I do. It's been one of the best decisions I've made. Why do you want to open a gym?"

Usually John Doe comes back with 1 of the following responses:

  • I just want to work for myself. I want to be in charge of my life and build my own business. My passion is fitness, and it would be so much fun to own my very own gym. 
  • I'm tired of punching a time clock. My training hours are hectic and inconsistent. Although I love training, I also want a life outside of the gym, which I could have if I had an automated stream of income that didn't depend on me. 
  • I've been a trainer at the same gym for 3 years now. The owner is never there, and doesn't care. I have so many ideas that I know can improve the gym and make a lot of money. Every time I see a new member sign up, it infuriates me because I know that could be my gym and my money. 

    Unfortunately that's usually where it stops. Very few trainers make the jump to ownership. 


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